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What would classical music be without the legends who lived and composed in Saxony. The musical landscape of Saxony is second to none in Germany and covers everything from instrument building to fine performances in historic venues. Famous composers like Bach, Schumann, Wagner, Mendelssohn, Kurt Masur, Ludwig Guttler and Carl Maria von Weber created masterpieces in music in Saxony. Read more
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Bach, Schumann & Wagner

Johann Sebastian Bach led the St. Thomas Boys Choir from Leipzig that celebrated its 800th anniversary recently. Robert Schumann and Carla Schumann’s house is a museum worth visiting in Zwickau and Saxony has recently inaugurated the Wagner Museum. Visit the museum.

Semper Opera, Dresden

The Saxon State Opera House in Dresden, dearly called semper Opera for its famous architect Gottfried Semper, is one of the best opera houses in the world. The fact that the performances are mostly sold out lies in the quality of the ensemble that includes the Saxon State Orchestra. You must book your tickets in advance and in case you cannot obtain a ticket and still wish to see the great Neo-Renaissance interior design, you can go on a guided tour that is also offered, between seasons. Watch it on your own eyes.

Gewandhaus, Leipzig

The Gewandhaus Orchestra is one of the oldest civic orchestras in the world. Much has changed in Leipzig during the past decades - one thing, however, remains constant: the Gewandhausorchester performs in the Gewandhaus, in the Leipzig Opera and, together with the Thomanerchor, in St. Thomas's Church. The combination of symphonic, operatic and sacred repertoire continues to imbue the Gewandhaus Orchestra with an artistic profile of unparalleled diversity and richness. In 1789, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart travelled to Leipzig to give a concert in the Gewandhaus. Ludwig van Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto received its first performance in the Gewandhaus in 1811 and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's celebrated tenure as conductor and music director of the Gewandhaus Orchestra in 1835. Watch it on your own eyes.
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