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Saxony is a home to luxury. You can find here the most prestigious cars companies. Either factories or notalbe heritage of these brands come from Saxony. You can discover other prestigious brands including watches, jewelry, cloths, and others. Let Saxony consume your senses and let you appreciate the work of the top brands of the world. Read more
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The dream of driving a Porsche can easily become a reality at Porsche’s Leipzig factory. Visitors can pilot or co-pilot the legendary vehicles either on the 3.7 km FIS-certified test track, replicating ten challenging corners of world-famous racing tracks, or on the 6 km off-road course. The former is situated right next to the building with diamond-shaped entrance which is used for all year round for events and is full of vintage cars. Not only its resemblance to an UFO makes a visit to Porsche Leipzig an extraterrestrial experience - dining at their fine restaurant is a treat in Saxon and international cuisine. Test drive a Porsche.

Birthplace of Audi

Do you know the meaning of the four inter-twined rings logo of an Audi? When brilliant car engineer, but a lousy businessman, August Horch was forced to leave his own company in 1909, he instantly founded a new company and erected a factory right next to the existing Horch production site in Zwickau. After intervention from the Horch lawyers, August Horch renamed the new company “Audi”, the Latin translation of his surname. In the early 1930s, the Saxon car manufacturers Horch, Audi, Wanderer and DKW were united to form Auto Union, using four interwoven rings as the new company logo. The former Audi factory in Zwickau is now a museum showing the pre-war history of automobile manufacturing. Feel the history of Audi cars.

Phaeton- the epitome of luxury

Right in the heart of Dresden, on the edge of the Great Garden, is a car assembly plant, which is different from any other in the world. In Volkswagen’s “Transparent Manufactory”, the complete production process is staged as a public performance for the interested visitor. Since 2001, workers in white coats have put together the Phaeton luxury car in a production line that looks so clean that you could almost eat off the wooden floor. Cultural events are held regularly in the foyer and the in-house restaurant is a popular meeting place. Visit the most advanced factory in the world.

Discover the world of Lange and Sohne

One of the most prestigious watch brands worldwide was founded in 1845 by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in the town of Glashütte, near Dresden, in the eastern state of Saxony. In 1948, the post-war Soviet administration expropriated the company's property, and the Lange brand ceased to exist. However, in 1990, following the collapse of the East German government, the founder's great-grandson, Walter Lange, together with watch industry executive Günter Blümlein, restored the company with the assistance of several Swiss watch manufacturers, including IWC and Jaeger Le Coultre. Visit the transparent manufactory in Glashutte.
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