How to get here?

Saxony is not a large State and can be crossed in 2 ½ hours at most. From Dresden, any point can be reached within a maximum of 1 ½ hrs. Sightseeing within Saxony and even beyond can also easily be done by public transport. There is a dense rail and coach network, which allows access to most relevant sights. From Dresden, it takes 1 hour to reach Leipzig by train and 1.15 hours to reach Görlitz. Commuter train in 45 min can reach Meissen while the Saxon Switzerland National Park is just 45 min away. There are local, regional and the all-Saxony ticket, which make transport very affordable.
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By plane

The airports of Dresden and Leipzig are very well connected to the two most important airports of Germany, Frankfurt and Munich. There are also regular connections to other major German airports. In each case, flying time is under an hour. In addition, Dresden and Leipzig are connected to several other European cities. Berlin airport is only 170 km away from Dresden and Prague airport is even closer.

By train

Dresden and Leipzig are connected to the ICE (Intercity-Express) rail network and therefore to German high speed trains. Frankfurt to Dresden takes only 4 ½ hrs while Berlin can be reached from Leipzig in 1 hrs and 15 minutes. EC (Eurocity) trains connect Dresden with major European cities such as Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Berlin. Dresden is also connected with Amsterdam and Zurich via CNL (CityNightLine) sleeper trains.

By road

Where else will you find real roads, real cars and real beer? Only in Germany! The Autobahn network connects Saxony to all major European destinations. Dresden alone has direct motorway connections to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Prague and Cracow. These cities can be reached in 2 hour, 4 hour, 4.5 hour and 5 hr respectively. Thanks to motorways, other popular destinations are also within easy reach. For example, Dresden can be reached from Vienna in 5 hour, Zurich and Amsterdam in 7 hrs, and Paris in 10 hrs. There are also regular coach connections to Berlin, Prague and other European cities.
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