Saxony – The Land of Inventors

Accidental discoveries may be termed human inventions in Saxony whether it is the first hard porcelain, Meissen; the Nutcracker or the Smokey Man of the Ore Mountains; coffee filter and beer coaster. First portable typewriter, first single reflex camera, oldest paddle steamers (that still charm tourists on the Elbe River) are just a few to add to man made longest brick bridge in the world, the first cardboard car – Trabant, the luxury watches of A. Lange & Söhne at Glashütte. Read more
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The Land of Castles, Palaces and Gardens

Countless castles, palaces, parks, gardens and mansions are part of the historical and cultural heritage of Saxony, left to us by renowned builder-owners like August the Strong. They frequently form the backdrop for theatre and music performances, castle festivals, knights' tournaments and exhibitions as well as wonderful weddings. You can even stay overnight in some of them. Saxony presents European masterpieces of garden art, that makes it a paradise for park and garden connoisseurs. Let us plan your trip now.

For the active mind and body

With its diverse landscapes, Saxony offers numerous possibilities to be active out of doors, both in winter and in summer. There are 14,000 climbing routes here and 1,100 peaks. Degrees of difficulty range from easy to more challenging. Breathtaking rivers and mountains hold the promise of adventure for bike trekking enthusiasts and tourists that like to be physically active. There are six major cycle routes in Saxony. The Spree Forest Cycle Route, the Frosch Cycle Route and the Oder-Neisse Cycle Route, which are a total of 1,100 kilometres in length. Let us plan your trip now.

The Saxon Wine Route and local breweries

Since wine in Saxony can only be grown on the sunny southern slopes of the hills along the Elbe River, the vineyards are all connected by the Saxon Wine Route. It runs from the south of Dresden (Pirna) to the north of Meissen (Diesbar-Seusslitz). You can cruise it on one of the vintage paddlewheel steamboats of the Saxon Steamboat Company, cycle it along the Elbe Cycle Route or hike through the Saxon Wine Trail. It is also possible to stay overnight with local vintners. Wine festivals are held in Meissen and Radebeul in September and in the latter town there is also the Saxon Wine Museum at the Hoflössnitz Estate, the former Royal winery. Let us plan your trip now.
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