It is the most beautiful city in Europe. So beautiful, that even the
Elbe River slows down when passing by this Baroque Capital...
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Saxony – The beating heart of Europe

"…the jewel of the European culture that has inspired the creative potential of all nations…". Saxony lies on the south east corner of Germany, bordering Poland and Czech Republic. The Free State of Saxony unites 1000 years of history. A unique landscape exists here – East and West meet here. It is a long story that has made profound impact on art, culture, music, technology, and on mankind. Saxons resonate human determination to relive, recover, restore and relish the power of human determination.

About Saxony

Why you should visit Saxony

Saxony is the hidden treasure that is the Cultural Capital of Germany. It is a land of inventors. High-quality wellness resorts, top-class art and culture, world-famous handicrafts, and some of the best luxury products in the world await to welcome you. The musical landscape of Saxony is rather unique in Germany. Castles, palaces and gardens are part of the great Saxon heritage. Historical steam trains, oldest paddle steamers and the finest brands of German automobiles are all encompassed in unmistakable nature. It is also the Motherland of the Reformation.


Dear all

Saxony is a story of human determination to restore, relive and rejoice. We are here to share this sentiment with our visitors and friends around the world. What was there yesterday is not here today, and what is here today will not be there tomorrow. Let's wait and see how quickly we get over this virus threat and begin exploring our world again. Saxony is for the select few. It is not a destination for the masses.

You will be welcomed and safe here.